Publication Policy

International Neuroblastoma Risk Group Task Force (INRG)
Publication Policy
10 March 2020

The INRG Executive reviews all applications.

Authorship of Abstracts and Manuscripts: Immediately after an INRG application is approved authorship will be considered by the INRG Executive Committee.

  • If patients in the study have been contributed by a cooperative group, then the INRG Executive Committee will ask the cooperative group chair to nominate an individual, who will be an active member of the research team.
  • If the investigators are requesting data from a single cooperative group or specific clinical trial, the cooperative group chair will nominate an individual(s) who played a key role in generating the data to be actively involved in the analysis of the data and preparing the study abstracts and manuscripts.
  • Involvement of young investigators will be very strongly encouraged.
  • Nominated individuals MUST be actively and intellectually involved in the project to be a co-author.
  • The INRG Executive Committee will determine if “specialty” experts (e.g., pathologists) should be included in the project.
  • It is anticipated that collaboration with international experts will greatly enhance the research conducted with these data.
  • Based on the extensive work of the cooperative group statisticians, if the cooperative group has contributed patients the cooperative group chairs will be invited to nominate a statistician to participate in the work and be included on the manuscript.

Authorship will be determined by the primary investigators, in alignment with the above rules.

Co-authorship will only be warranted for collaborators who meet the ICMJE recommendations for authorship.

The Co-chairs of INRG are not automatically co-authors; they will be co-authors only if they have been actively and intellectually involved in the project.

Acknowledgments: The INRG database is supported in part by the William Guy Forbeck Research Foundation, the St. Baldrick’s Foundation, Sammy’s Superheroes Foundation, the Little Heroes Cancer Research Fund, Children’s Neuroblastoma Cancer Foundation, Neuroblastoma Children’s Cancer Society, the Super Jake Foundation, The Matthew Bittker Foundation, and the Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation. Data included in the INRG database were provided by Children’s Oncology Group [COG], Pediatric Oncology Group [POG], Children’s Cancer Study Group [CCSG], German Gesellschaft für Pädiatrische Onkologie und Hämatologie [GPOH], European Neuroblastoma Study Group [ENSG], International Society of Paediatric Oncology Europe Neuroblastoma Group [SIOPEN], Japanese Neuroblastoma Study Group [JNBSG], Japanese Infantile Neuroblastoma Co-operative Study Group [JINCS], Spanish Neuroblastoma Group and the Italian Neuroblastoma Group.

Review: The INRG Executive Committee will review all abstracts and manuscripts prior to submission for publication to ensure proper acknowledgments are included.