INRG Task Force

The INRG task force has continued to expand the data available in the database and the research conducted with those data. The task force includes 159 people from 26 countries.

Recent INRG Task Force meetings:
September 13, 2022
March 9, 2021

The activities of the task force are directed by the INRG Executive Committee, chaired by Sue Cohn, Andy Pearson, Gudrun Schleiermacher, and Julie Park. The work is accomplished through these committees:

  • Genomics, chaired by Gudrun Schleiermacher and co-chaired by Matthias Fischer and Meredith Irwin
  • Metastatic Disease, chaired by Kate Matthay
  • Relapse, co-chaired by Lucas Moreno and Julie Park
  • Statistics, chaired by Wendy London
  • Strategy Development, co-chaired by Meredith Irwin and Lucas Moreno

Organizational Chart showing committees for Genomics, Metastatic Disease, Relapse, Statistics, and Strategy Development reporting to INRG Executive Committee

The INRG task force owes credit and thanks to the cooperative groups who generously contribute their data and their time to the database and projects:

  • COG (Children’s Oncology Group, Neuroblastoma Disease Committee), Ro Bagatell
  • SIOPEN (Society of Paediatric Oncology European Neuroblastoma Network), Maja Beck Popovic
  • GPOH (German Cooperative Neuroblastoma Trials), Angelika Eggert
  • JNBSG (Japanese Neuroblastoma Study Group), Akira Nakagawara and Takehiko Kamijo (including: the Japanese Advanced Neuroblastoma Study Group [JANB], the Japanese Infantile Neuroblastoma Co-operative Study Group [JINCS])

The INRG database is pleased to be part of the Pediatric Cancer Data Commons, led by PI Samuel Volchenboum.

Please refer to the Leadership page for a complete list of the INRG Executive Committee members.